Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Conflicted about conflict

Rach (who visited on the weekend - I had the BEST time, except for the toilet seat incident) posted recently about making the conflict clear in the first page for catagory... GULP! That's not really happening here for SIG.

The discussion was interesting. I think we all agreed we need to see on the page why these two are going to have a rough time getting to that HEA. If not on the first page then as soon as possible.

I'm thinking I don't have it as clear as I'd like early enough for my heroine.

Change it then - i hear you think.

Yea, well, it's the how that's got me wondering. Is it ok that she's, apparently, not as conflicted as him at the start? Can it be a lightish layer there, eg she's just broken up with someone and doesn't want to rush in, and then BANG it gets LOTS worse a chapter in?