Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A release 23 yrs in the making

Made for Marriage

This month another of my brilliant CPs hit the shelves (hope it's catching). Helen Lacey's Special Edition release, Made for Marriage is available at last. It's a great read... BUY IT!!

Equestrian Callie Jones was used to difficult parents at her riding school. But Noah Preston took the cake.
How dare he question her teaching abilities, after his headstrong daughter paid no heed to rules—her teacher's or her father's?
Single dad Noah was ready to apologize for overreacting. But he wasn't sorry for the way the stunning American riding instructor made him feel. And he soon learned that there was more to Callie than her smarts, sass and fire: a shattered heart that threatened to splinter even further. Could he make her see that he—and his family—were for keeps?