Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So the requested full is on it's way to New York with lots of good wishes to help it on its way.

Now what to do?

I think some reading to refill the well and there's always some critting for my lovely CPs. On a different note my YA experiment finalled in the TOM contest so i should get stuck into that. And there's a new catagory idea i've mapped out.

Maybe i'll read while i'm deciding!

Last weekend i attended Romancing The Novel - a one day Romance workshop/conference here in Adelaide. it was wonderful (and exhausting) to talk writing all day. There was even dinner afterwards!

The workshops from the fab Anna Campbell and Yvonne Lindsay were lightbulbing and i learnt heaps just chatting to all the wonderful local SARA authors we have (Trish Morey, Anne Oliver, Elizabeth Rolls, Amy Matthews and Claire Baxter - who i sat next to at dinner and have already devoured one of her wonderful books that she signed for me.).

Bring on August and the conference!!!