Tuesday, March 15, 2011

jelly tip ice-creams and expectations

When i was younger, sometime between ten and eighteen years old, there were these ice-creams. they were creamy vanilla on the bottom and then the top had a frozen jelly-like slightly chewy thing happening, all covered with crackly chocolate. i don't think i had many cos they were a limited time only kind of thing. But they were yummy. And special. And i knew exactly how delicious it would be as soon as I bought one.

In fact, half the fun was the expectation...

And they never let me down.

Until yesterday. Fast forward a few (ahem) years and my hubby had bought some as a treat for the kids while I was away. i didn't even know they still existed. I opened the packet and...

Disappointment! From the first look. They were half the size, the choc was skimpy and when i had a taste the vanilla ice cream was blah at best.

I think that's the thing about series writing. The reader (and first an editor i guess) has an expectation about the book, based on the line and the promise it holds. And I need to deliver or I'll lose them.