Friday, October 29, 2010

Rejection and the school run

So I heard on a sub I've had out for nearly a year.... and it wasn't good news. I think i had all of 2 mins to process before I had to take Princess 5 to school. Today is her morning talk, so all the way we were deep in discussion on exactly how she could best present her fave beanie kid to the class and show them the book I made her on all her cuddlies.

Life goes on.

I've written nearly 4 full manuscripts since the one that was rejected. I'll take the great feedback on board and hope I've improved.

And maybe eat some chocolate.


How do you stop rejection getting you too down? Or is that an impossible dream?

Friday, October 1, 2010

requests and re-writes

It's been a while again but I've been busy. Not only reading all the fab New Voices chapters (big congrats to the top 10) but working on my own stuff - oh and Princess 5 needed more ear/throat stuff... sigh...

Happy days when i found out i won the TARA and the final judge requested a partial. Cue much excitement then some nerves. Nerves because she had suggestions/feedback from the first chapter she read. It means a real re-write but I'm hoping will add to the tension of the story. It was about creating questions and possibilities so the reader keeps reading rather than setting the story on an obvious path too early.

Fingers crossed i can manage all that.

And it helps that after a few days crying on my lap cos her throat hurt, Princess 5 is just about back to her usual attitude filled, sparkly self.

Anyone got any motivational re-writing your story (even when you know it will be better for it) isn't as HARD as it seems stories?