Friday, November 27, 2009

Fresh Start and Finals

Have had some good contest news lately with a final in a US contest (Launching a Star) and an aussie contest (High 5) with two different stories. Have my fingers crossed as I await the results.

I finished Stand In Groom in my own version of NaNo and i am completely in love with Ryan, such a tortured hero. So glad to give him the woman that allowed him to heal and makes him happy at last.

Now am working on revising Mummy Makes Three for Richmond. After the Emmy the judge expressed interest in seeing the revised story. I'm hoping I can do it justice. I wonder though if re-writing from scratch is better than changing bits and bobs here and there?

Oh, and my hero came up with 'Peaches and Cream' cupcake flavour, inspired my the lovely skin of my heroine...