Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stealing Time

I'm getting ready to start a new story. There are lots of writerly stuff I like to do... but not yet. This time is all about the mindset.

I like to read.

I like to remind myself of why I love to read a romance and get lost in the journey to happily ever after. There may or may not be chocolate eating involved. It's a time for sneaking in a chapter here and there to race to the ahhhh moment.

This week I have to make Princess 6 a birthday cake too so there is much juggling. I'm sure I'll be able to sneak some good books in.

How do you make time to enjoy a good book between life, kids, work? Any hints gratefully received.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Conference Wrap Up

On the weekend I attended the 20th (but only my 2nd) Romance Writers of Australia Conference. I had the best time. My brain hurts from all the new stuff i'm trying to cram in there. It started with a packed friday workshop by Bob Mayer and continued over other workshops and plenary sessions... and chats at breaks.

Some highlights:

From Bob Mayer

- Be ruthless... with yourself. It's the difference between ordinary and elite.

- Perserverence is more important than talent (yay, that I can do)

From YA (and adults) author Kelley Armstrong on pace

-skip the boring bits - go into scene late and get out early - make it so reader will read 'just one more chapter'

From a panel of wonderful authors/editor

-if the heroine cries, the reader doesn't have to

-changing POV makes the reader change teams... think about why you're changing

The social side was soul revitalising! From rooming with the brilliant Rach and having dinner with the lovely Jackie and her mum (!) to meeting new SE author (and awesome CP) Helen Lacey for the first time it was great to see friends as well as meeting so many new people. It's so great to talk writing for days on end (rambling AT my littlies doesn't count).

The cocktail party was great fun (see pic with me, Rach, Jackie and the lovely Chelsea) and three SARA (SA Romance Authors) members took out the prizes - i was super thrilled for them... especially Charlie 'Maggie' Chaplin.

The first sale ribbons were inspiring (see Rach and Helen with the wonderful Cathryn Hein) and the awards dinner a lovely evening.

Did you make the conference? What was your highlight?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Foodie Friday

We have a tradition, of sorts, in our house. On Friday we have something really nice for dinner to celebrate surviving another week and the stretch of weekend ahead.

Usually that something is cooked by my hubby doing his best hero impression. I cook every other night so it seems fair to me. We give the kids easy dinner and sit down together once they are in bed.

Yep, enjoying something nice is that important to me.

It's kind of like a good book. Uusually hubby cooks one of my faves. I know how it's going to turn out... in that it will taste nice (my HEA) but exactly what he chooses varies, and then he mixes up the recipe a little everytime too. It keeps it fresh and creates a great food experience.

Now, if only I could nail my story so well.

What about you? Is a good meal like a good book?