Thursday, August 13, 2009

Slowly, slowly

Am making some very slow progress on SIG. Have had great excuses - cold, kids sick, waiting on a crit for HDP and most recently am nervous about the Emmy results sat night.

Wish I was going to the conference. Would be so exciting to be completely immersed in writing for days... bliss!

Claytons it is for me and some cyber nervous drinking and checking Twitter for the contest results. Good luck to Rach too!



  1. Good luck Becca! I wish I was at the conference too. I have a little green eyed monster sitting on my shoulder and it bops me over the head everytime someone says they're going :)

  2. Good luck from me too, Becca! I'll be checking Twitter too - though I may be in bed by the time you guys get your results.
    Let's all go next year eh?

  3. Good luck, Becca. You'll have to post as soon as you hear!