Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sweet Blog

Thanks to Rach for this award. Anyway apparently what I have to do is share seven random facts about myself and then nominate ten other deserving blog friends. So, here goes...

- I studied science at university. Laser chemistry in fact. I know... how useful for a romance writer.

- I just rewarded myself with one Fruchoc (delicious choccie treat) for every 5 mins I wrote for

-To make up for the eating of bad food I run (slowly) three mornings a week. Doesn't seem to balance out though.

-I love giving and buying presents - when you get that perfect thing for someone it's the best feeling

-I got engaged in Barcelona

-I stage managed our senior production... and walked straight off the stage in the dark between scenes... ouch!

-Despite the fact Princess 2 is sure our red aussie terrier is a girl... he's all boy.

As far as deserving types... um... anyone who hasn't answered already.



  1. Bec, you stole the nomination I was going to make. :-) That's so cool about getting engaged in Barcelona. I got engaged in Prague. Hmmm, might steal that one too!

  2. How I would like to have been there for that production! Of course I would have been laughing WITH you not AT you :)

  3. Learned more about you, Becca. Walking off stage is something I would do! Ouchity ouch.

    E x

  4. Laser chemistry? Cool! And I'm with Eleni - walking off a stage is def something I would do too.

  5. Did you 'fall' for your leading man?? (Lame)
    And you are sweet, no doubt about it.

  6. Jackie - steal away... all's fair in love and blogging

    Rach - there were plenty laughing at... i mean with me...

    Eleni - pride hurt the most though i should be used to unco-ness

    Aimee - Laser chem was pretty in the lab... and it might come in handy if i write a sci-fi one day

    Helen - was an all girl's school... so, um, nope.