Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines Approach-eth

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. having been with hubby for a bajillion years, give or take a few, we've had a few of these days. Sometimes they're a disaster of someone forgetting or the 'don't worry we're saving' that someone (maybe me) didn't mean.

This year I have spent up a little but it's something we needed. a splash of luxury we might not have got around to otherwise. Of course I won't mention it here in case hubby is snooping. I always love flowers too. The first Valentine's Day after my mother passed away hubby started a tradition of a white rose for her. he was sad he'd been too shy (we were young) to treat her while she was alive. Then when Princess was born he bought her a daisy.


I really do believe in every day is for 'I love you' but also spoiling someone never hurt (unless it's my children *grin*).

It's put me in the mood for a Valentine's story.

Any recommendations?



  1. Aw isn't your hubby lovely? What a nice story :)

    1. Thanks Lacey! He's a good catch! Any recommendations on a good Valentine's read?