Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cracking the Sads

I admit it, I'm an Offspring fan. Only recently I have to say. The last couple of seasons reeled me in and now I'm invested.


The last few episodes have wrung me out. Billie's spiral out of control and self destruction had my sympathy because it was so well written and well acted. I felt sorry for her despite her doing things that I absolutely can not agree with. I knew they had me then.

And then came last night...

I have a sick family, I was already worn out and a little emotional from puke clean up and general caring for all. And then they killed Patrick. Patrick who has just found such a good place with Nina and who is about to be a dad and ...

From the show

I know, it's just a show, but wow I cried. I admit it. And I fully expect to have a cry next week, because I feel so sad for Nina - this imaginary person I'm not sure I even like. And part of me hates them.

But a bigger part of me loves it. It's safe emotion. It's cathartic to cry for someone else even if they are all imaginary.

I'm like it with books too. I love a good cry. And I like to create one in my reader where appropriate.

Do you like to cry over books, tv, movies, or are you made of sterner stuff?


  1. I'm still a mess. My eyes are still puffy. I made the mistake of re-watching his death at around midnight, and my eyes still haven't forgiven me! D'X

    I think the hardest part of something like this is it could happen to anyone. And we all want to root for true love--or even happiness with one person--so it makes it extra hard when we see how quickly it can all end.

    So yeah, I get emotional. I also love to make my readers emotional. It's a sign that a writer has hit the mark. But I think the best thing about crying over fictional characters is that we can get over it much faster than in real life. It's like a quick grief fix to keep us balanced!!!

    1. You're right. I think second-hand pain is easier to deal with and get through and move on. Maybe gives me an excuse to have a little cry for real life people I've lost as well.
      Next week will be sad!

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