Monday, April 27, 2009

First blog

So here goes. I have joined the land of blogging. Not so sure i have anything to say.

Maybe a bit more about me - I'm currently waiting on a requested full with Special Edition. I entered the eharl online pitch comp and the lovely Susan Litman requested the full of Playing House. Much mad editing and polishing later i sent it on it's way to New York.

Fingers crossed.

It's probably not even there yet...


  1. Yay - welcome to Blogland! Another fabulous tool of procrastination but also lots of social fun!!

  2. Welcome to the blogland gang! Best of luck with your full.

    I have 3 under 4 too although that is maybe not strictly true anymore given that the eldest turned 4 a couple of weeks ago :-)

  3. Hi Becca, well done on your requested manuscripts! And hopefully you'll get responses on them really quick - well, as quick is it can be in this business.

    And good on you for managing to achieve your writing goals with little kiddies. I only have two, though my 3 year old can make enough noise for five kids. :-)

  4. Welcome to blogland and congratulations on sending your requested manuscript. Regardless of the outcome, that is a fantastic effort in itself, especially with so many small children. As a mother of four (varying ages...none under four) I take my hat off to you.

  5. Thanks for the warm greetings - how cool is the internet?

  6. Just adding my welcome to blogland and best wishes for the requested ms :-)

  7. Hi Becca!

    A HUGE congrats on your pitch you must be so thrilled! How many entries were there in the end? Now comes the waiting da da daaaa. Get your self a pair of NTAI boots (Jackie's blog will tell you all you need to know about them ;) ). I have every finger and toe crossed for your ms winging it's way to NY

  8. 3:30am! Did you have to get up two hours early just to wake up enough to function properly? Amazing!