Saturday, May 2, 2009

Karma and Writing

So, when it came time to send my manuscript snail mail to SSE I researched madly and questioned Rach (who'd had the same issue) about how to actually package it. Eventually it lead me to using 2 rubber bands and some card backing and popping the whole thing in an envelope.

BUT i had no rubber bands.

So off to the nearest shops (the only ones in walking distance which means they get a work out cos 3 kids are easier contained in some kind of pram device) I went. Found a bag of rubber bands. And some kid clothes. And a new book each. And a TVD... yup it's a dangerous place to go.
When i got home, with 3 fractious kids by that point, i discovered I DIDN'T PAY FOR THE RUBBER BANDS. A complete oversight but terrible nonetheless.

Now, i couldn't head back immediately (the trip having taken 2 hours) and they only cost 49 cents. But i kept thinking and thinking and thinking. Then I used 2 of them on my submission. What's the chance of a positive response if i didn't pay?

Not likely... at least in my paranoid head.

So this morning i finally got back to the shops, two weeks after I sent my manuscript, and paid for the rubber bands. Phew, at least that's one obstacle overcome.

Anyone else as superstitious as me?


  1. Ahh... with honestly like that, you really do deserve publication!! Good on ya... I bet the shop assistant was a little surprised, but it's things like that that used to restore my faith in humans when I worked in retail!

  2. I would have done the same thing! Can't have the bad karma working against you at submission time!

  3. Funny how our minds work like that eh? Good on you for heading the bad karma off at the pass! I once took a pencil sharpener from a shop - yes, I shoplifted! - because I waited for ten minutes for service and no one seemed to want to take my measley twenty cents. So I left with the pencil sharpener. I hope it doesn't come back to bite me (the karma not the pencil sharpener). :-)

    Good luck with the sub.

  4. Rach, I'm not that good. If they'd made the mistake i mightn't have been so honest.

    Lacey, I'm glad it's not just me!

    Thanks for the luck wishes jackie. Today is one of those days where i feel i need them.

  5. Good for you, Bec, I totally understand how difficult it is to contain said kids, shopping and making sure you get out of a shop with it all is a miracle! I once put nappies underneath the pram and got to the door but thankfully remembered and went back to the check out.

    Best of luck on the submission :-)