Monday, May 18, 2009

Harley forums

This week, in the name of research, I joined a Harley Davidson appreciation forum. 'The Read Between The Rides'. My hero recently had a terrible accident on his Harley and I was looking for what his experience might do to his love of his bike.

General concensus was he'd never give up his bike.

I'm not so sure. I guess i can write him however I like but it was interesting to hear the passion of these bikers.

I know Jackie went above and beyond to ride in a helicopter for her heroine. Anyone else done some interesting research recently?


  1. Can't remember where I've read it before, but I know I have. Apparently a biker won't ever give up his bike -- no matter how spectacular a crash they've had.

    It's a conflict layer all of its own, though, which is always good for your ms :-)

    Personally, you'd never get me on anything without 4 wheels!

  2. It's fascinating isn't it? My father use to ride, he had a crash and it wrecked his career as a professional athlete. His passion wasn't as great as those that ride Harley's and my mother (a force to be reckoned with) made him give it up but he never really did. The bike might be gone, there might be a pin in his leg and pain but if you gave him an inch he'd have a bike in three seconds flat.