Monday, March 8, 2010

Success of a kind

I think it's only fair when challenging myself I'm allowed to modify the rules.
I discovered day 7 of my 7k in 7 days challenge would be a write off. We had to go to the in-law's farm for a family function. As today is a public holiday here i decided to have my day 7 today. Incidentally I didn't write at all on Thursday but that was more a choice thing, i did have time available.

Anyway, i made it. 7k in what turned out to be 8 days.

It helped with the NTA life stuff and plus I'm much further into the WIP.

Do you like to modify the rules?


  1. Yay you!!! I find setting myself goals and deadlines work wonders... but I'm ALWAYS open to modifying the rules - lol!

  2. Good on you, Becca! Yep, here's to bending the rules eh?

  3. Well done Bec!!
    almost 1k a day - that's pretty amazing =)

  4. Congrats Bec on hitting your target. I'm always changing my rules, more fun that way. ;)

  5. Rules are meant to be bent :) Congrats Bec!

  6. Fantastic job Becca!! And yes, it's called not 'bending the rules' but re-evaluating. There's no point in setting goals that are not going be realistic for you - & really one day over - that's pretty good. Well done :)