Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Life has been a bit of a distraction for me for the last few weeks. Things have happened that made creating nearly impossible.

And then this week it's all changed. I knew having a funeral and some other things on I could find myself wallowing but i decided in the best NTAI tradition that keeping busy would help. So I started a 7k in 7 days goal.

Do you know what?

It's working.
I'm too busy to think much and I'm having that virtuous 'i wrote some words (who cares if they're rubbish) today' feeling. I love that feeling.

Have you been too distracted to write?
Have you found writing to be a distraction from other things?



  1. I'm not distracted, I'm having a 'I can't be bothered, what's the point anyway' few days. It sucks! Can't be bothered editing the last few chapters of a finished ms and can't get into a new one either. Grrrr. Good for you and your 7k in 7 days. I found the Nano really good too.

  2. Those sentiments sound quite reasonable to me!
    I started writing a completely different genre to usual to shake me up. it's kinda fun so far. i'm sure i'll get back into the catagory sometime.
    Hope you lift soon!

  3. Hi Bec.
    Ohhh, what genre? Do tell...
    Good luck with the 7k in 7days. Hope you hit the mark.
    In relation to distractions, for me, it's Bejewelled on Facebook. Grr. Wish I'd never found that game. :(

  4. Hey Bec!! I think you've hit the nail upon the head to what I NEED. I'm not doing anything while I wait to hear from the ed and so I'm feeling a little blah! Go you on your wc!!!

  5. Hey Bec! We've been missing you :) Good luck with 7k in 7days :D

  6. Bec, I've been finding that my writing is coming secondary to other things lately - so now I'm about to clear out my inner junk and create a better mindset =)

  7. Using you as an inspriation and ignoring the painters muttering and looking sadly at the ceiling, I am trying for around 1k a day. Sometimes the ideas flow, other days they don't and I'm enjoying the natural flow of words and I'm enjoying the story.


  8. Boo on the distractions, it sucks when real life gets in the way. I hope you can get back on an even keel soon.

    Hope your 7k in 7 days goes well :-)

  9. Writing - what's that? For the last few months, other 'distractions' have been in the way, such as family health matters, family get-together, studying, the Adelaide Fringe. Once I finish my study, I will shift that time to writing.

    Good luck!