Friday, June 25, 2010

Making Time

Nope. Alas I don't have a secret to share about adding hours to the day. Sorry if I got you here under false pretences.

I have a hectic few days coming up with 6 couples and their 10 kids (all under 5) coming here for dinner tonight, party tomorrow and in-laws visit all day Sunday. usually I'd just give up on writing since it's impossible when the kids are awake and we're busy through their sleep times, but today I'm determined. Somehow over the next few days I'm going to make time.

For writing.
Really, for me.

Not sure how yet but I'm determined to write at least 1500 words.

How do you make time?


  1. Oh I love your new template thingy!!! LOL
    And good look on finding the time...I so hear you! In the middle of renoations here, and trying to put finishing touches on a book I should have sent in last week...

  2. So how did you go Becca?

    We so need a contraption that stops time to get all the stuff done - and technology was meant to make our lives easier!

    I try to do at least a small snippet of something writing related everyday. I love the freedom of not having a routine but at the same time, it's very easy to put things to the side (whatever that is).

    Good luck with finding the time. If you find the secret, let me know OK? ;))

    Mel - I hear you on the renovations. Last year with Eleni-fest, we were undergoing renovations in the kitchen. OMG - was that exhausting. So good luck to you.