Saturday, June 19, 2010

TARA and June Challenge

Ok, so my excuse for the terrible lack of posting is that i have been busy trying to keep up with the June Challenge we down under types like to keep our winter warm with. So i signed up for 40k in June.... so not going to happen. But you know, some days I do reach target and it's great and it's 1334 words i wouldn't otherwise have.

I had a story planned and then the day before went for a different one. So I'm all about Kate at the moment. Perfect Kate who used to think she was, well that her life was perfect but turns out it really isn't. Could be a good thing too.

On a different note I found out I finalled in the TARA contest so am very happy with that news. Certainly brightened a glum week where hubby was snowed under with work and the kids were playing up cos they didn't get to see him. I find it hard to switch from being frustrated and trying to keep the kids from bickering to developing a love story...

How does real life affect your word count?
Oh, and do you like my new template thingamy?



  1. I LOVE your new template thingamy! And your by-line at the top!!
    You are going so well with Perfect Kate and your wc.
    You KNOW real life affects my word count. Early mornings which cause me incredible tiredness are my woe!
    And fabulous news on the TARA. Congrats and good luck with the final judge!

  2. Congrats your fabulous TARA news!!! I'm loving your new template :)

  3. Congrats on the TARA Becca!! Go you.

    And the new template rocks!

  4. Thanks ladies. I appreciate the supportiveness!!

  5. Congrats Bec on the final. :)
    I find school is the best thing for bickering children, oh, and bed. :P It's how I get my word count down.

  6. Congrats, Becca! that's fantastic! Yep, kids are a word count killer. Would it be too bad to say that sometimes TV is great?? ;-)
    Nice template too...

  7. Huge congratulations on finalling in the TARA. Hope you win!

    And your blog looks awesome!