Friday, October 29, 2010

Rejection and the school run

So I heard on a sub I've had out for nearly a year.... and it wasn't good news. I think i had all of 2 mins to process before I had to take Princess 5 to school. Today is her morning talk, so all the way we were deep in discussion on exactly how she could best present her fave beanie kid to the class and show them the book I made her on all her cuddlies.

Life goes on.

I've written nearly 4 full manuscripts since the one that was rejected. I'll take the great feedback on board and hope I've improved.

And maybe eat some chocolate.


How do you stop rejection getting you too down? Or is that an impossible dream?


  1. Commiserations my dear friend. R's are NEVER easy!!! And I have to say I think each one gives you a little knock that takes longer than the one before to get over it. But that's all in the mind - you have to use the OTHER side of your mind to say 'Hey, you're WRONG ed! This IS the job for me and I'm gonna show you how great I am at it.'

    Publication is the BEST revenge!!!

  2. Hugs Bec. x
    I try not to but I sulk. It usually lasts a couple of hours then I try and shake it off and move on. Doesn't always work though.

    I've been watching a story on QT Forum and the lady on there has three agents wanting to rep her, and only yesterday had an form rejection stating she needed to edit more. What one person likes another may not. Just a matter of finding the one who loves your work. And they're out there. That you may be sure of.

    And as Rach said, publication will be your best revenge.
    Keep your chin up. You're a great writer and you'll get there.

    Tam x

  3. Argh, Bec, that sucks!! Big huge ginormous hugs to you. I can't stop rejection getting me down, it just keeps happening. But what I do do is take some time out for a day or so, treat myself and make everyone be really nice to me, then go back to the reasons for the rejection and try and figure out the whys. And eventually get another sub together...Gotta keep going.

  4. ((HUGS)) Bec! Just think of all the people out there who say they want to write but never actually do. No only have you written the manuscript (and four since then!) but you've also submitted! Unfortunately no matter how fabulous they are those Rs still hurt a bucket load. Throwing myself right back into it seems to work for me, and chocolate helps...

  5. Oh, bum on the R, Bec. Horrible things. But as you say, you've written 4 mss since then which means a whole of opportunities to come.

    Remember, it's the stubborn buggers that make it.

  6. Oh no, I'm sorry Bec :( Rs always suck, but you've acheived so much since then - FOUR manuscripts - wow!!!

    Keep subbing - like Cathryn said, it's the stubborn ones who make it!

  7. Bec,
    my last comment disappeared, so again "Huggles!"
    R's are horrible, nasty things that eat at your self-confidence, but they also make you more determined, ready to prove to yourself - and all those doubters (I had a few) you can do it!!!
    You're very definately on the threshold, don't give up! =)

  8. Hugs on that nasty rejection. Boo hiss I say. But five new MS is great going. YAY - get them out there. Caroline x