Friday, October 1, 2010

requests and re-writes

It's been a while again but I've been busy. Not only reading all the fab New Voices chapters (big congrats to the top 10) but working on my own stuff - oh and Princess 5 needed more ear/throat stuff... sigh...

Happy days when i found out i won the TARA and the final judge requested a partial. Cue much excitement then some nerves. Nerves because she had suggestions/feedback from the first chapter she read. It means a real re-write but I'm hoping will add to the tension of the story. It was about creating questions and possibilities so the reader keeps reading rather than setting the story on an obvious path too early.

Fingers crossed i can manage all that.

And it helps that after a few days crying on my lap cos her throat hurt, Princess 5 is just about back to her usual attitude filled, sparkly self.

Anyone got any motivational re-writing your story (even when you know it will be better for it) isn't as HARD as it seems stories?



  1. I'm so glad that Princess 5 is getting better! I have no motivational advice except to hire someone to stand over you and scream "write, write, write" ;) Good luck with the rewrites!

  2. Um...I'd like to say yes, I have stories like that but the truth would be no. I will say that once you do start rewriting and you see how much better it can be, then you do get excited and that's pretty great. Congrats, Bec, I know you can do it!
    And hey, rewriting a story is way easier that dealing with sick kids. ;-) Glad to hear your Princes 5 is doing better.

  3. Maybe i shouldn't say anything here... cos rewriting my last mss completely was HELL!

  4. Congratulations on your win, and your request! Fantastic!

    Good luck with the re-writes!

  5. Congrats! I totally re-wrote my last ms,but whether or not it was a success, is yet to be determnined. Oh and ENT stuff? A total pain, went through that last year...

  6. Lacey - are you volunteering your services? The sun is shining and i NEED someone to force me to the WIP.

    Jackie - thanks for the encouragement. I do think it will be better but it's HARD. Did i mention that already?

    Rach - I remember. I'm sure i was suitably sympathetic? no? If i wasn't this karma is nasty...

    Leah - Thanks. When's your chapter 2 need to be done by?

    Janette - FINGERS CROSSED your pain was worthwhile!! Hoping the ENT stuff is sorted for a bit. our 3rd lot of grommets in 18 months and now adenoids. Just frustrating when she can't hear after the ops...

  7. Second chapters go on the site on 11th of October. But I need to get editorial feedback first, so my real deadline is much earlier than that (ie I want to send it on Monday, as the editor working with me is back in her office on Tuesday)

  8. Congrats, Bec!!!!!!
    Hope the re-write goes well for ya. Well done buddy! Everything X here.
    Tam x

  9. That's awesome about the TARA win, Bec.

    As for rewrites, I reckon they're one of the hardest things to do. I've been through two major ones and even though they were absolute hair-tearers, BOTH books sold afterwards. Believe me, earning that contract makes all that angst worth it!

    Just take a methodical approach and you'll be right.

  10. First off congrats again Bec, so well deserved!!
    Ah, can't say any rewrites are fun, just one little change and it has that lovely ripple-on effect for the rest of the story.... speaking of rewrites I best go and finish mine *grumble grumble*