Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In training

There are exciting times in our house at present with little Princess 2-nearly-3 deciding she'll lower herself to toilet train. She's so stubborn and independent that the day she decided to try, she pretty much got it.

Here's the frustration... in the 'pretty much'.

Yes, i know I'm lucky (she's number 3 kiddo and by far the best at this... although a little older than the others were). Pretty much is very good. One accident per day is brilliant. But that one accident feels like a disaster. She gets all 'I can't do it' and I'm trying to be positive (while cleaning up... hard).

It's like learning to write.

Getting close is wonderful. Great feedback, maybe even some contest success, and stories I know are doing lots of the right things.

But still, there's that #$%@ on the floor and it's not quite there.

Like Princess 2 will hopefully get there one day so will I. And it's the same with learning anything. There are setbacks, it can seem impossible.

What about you? Toilet training? Learning something but not *quite* nailed it?



  1. I like to think I learn every time I write a new book. Feedback from my editor and agent and critique partners are invaluable to me in the writing process. And entering contests can also be a great way to hone the craft.
    Outside of writing . . . well, I'm currently endeavouring to learn how to make pastry (not rocket science) But still hard :) I've had a few failures - but soldiering on to nail it.
    Great post. Good luck with Princess :)

  2. I love it how you always manage to compare writing to real life! Classic. You WILL both get there one day but in the meantime, I'm totally jeLous of your tt success!

  3. Pastry Helen? I am impressed! I don't think my diet wants to know what with. Mmmm.... you'll get there, I'm sure!

    And Rach I am tortally jealous of your productivity at the moment. And the littlest man will get there soon!!

  4. Bec, I LOVE this. Still #S%$ on the floor and it's not quite there.... Lol!!
    Bah, being close is like being almost pregnant - I've said this before eh? Anyway, I'm sick of the stuff on the floor. I want to be THERE!

    Well, if anyone can get there, you will. And it'll be soon. Then when you are there, tell me what it's like on the other side. :-)

  5. Never would have linked toilet training to the path of getting published!

    I think it's your time soon Bec. I see it in my imaginary crystal ball! :)