Monday, September 5, 2011

Royal Sho...

Yup, I'm too exhausted from yesterday's visit to the Royal Adelaide Show to finish the title. Taking a 2 yo, 4yo and 6 yo to a place full of showbags, amusement rides, hot donuts (mmm... donuts) and games was a tiring (and expensive) exercise.

And fun.

Princess 6's face when she watched some singers perform on the free stage was magic. Master 4's face on the pirate ship (little one) when he went really high and the way Princess and Ruler of the Universe 2 managed to convince the poor guy manning the bouncy castle to lift her to the top of the slide part she couldn't reach... 3 times (he tried to pretend he didn't hear her once when she asked but she was too persistent).

These are memories made.

It was a big day for them but it was the little things I'll never forget. I think the same is true of my fave stories. It's great to have action and big dramatic stuff but the little moments that catch you (and ones with kids always get me) can make a good book wonderful.

What about you, do you like the little moments?


  1. Absolutely - it's the little moments added up that create the memories that last. When I'm reading (Or writing) a book sometimes it's the small things that stick - like the hero holding a baby, or a fluffy white cat :)
    I'm currently reading Cathryn Hein's 'Promises' and the senses she evoked in scenes about or with horses are fabulous.
    So, yes, I like the little things. Great post. (And thanks for replacing the clown picture with one of a Ferris Wheel. Clowns . . . Shudder)

  2. Oh, you're so right!! Having those small moments are what makes the romance IMHO. My problem is loving angst to much I forget to include the little bits of happiness. Sigh.

  3. Helen - sorry again about the clown... it was a kinda creepy one too.

    Jackie - Sigh with ya. This is a tricky business!