Monday, June 1, 2009

50k in 30 days

Yup, I'm giving this a go.
Aiming for the 44k needed to finish His Dark Past.
I was going to try last year but all day morning sickness saw me wimp out. I shall be stronger this time, i hope.
To everyone else trying this, welcome to the insanity and GOOD LUCK!


  1. Argh - been there with the all day morning sickness! Nothing like constant nausea to kill the creative urge stone dead...
    Anyway, good luck, Becca! You Aussie chicks are doing really well eh? :-)

  2. Go Becca!!

    And Jackie - you could always join us!

  3. Best of uck (sorry about that, have a keyboard prob with a certain etter!) with the biam Bec.

  4. Oh gosh the horror of 50K in 30 days PLUS morning sickness. If you'd kept going someone would have had to institutionalize you I'm sure! Good luck!