Thursday, June 4, 2009

For the love of a good... Laptop

Over the last few days I've been reading about Anne McAllister's new love, Charley and it's got me thinking about my laptop, Ender, and how much I adore him. He was new last year when I complained that if i wanted to write in the evenings I had to hide away on the desktop (hidden from kiddy fingers).
Now, with the help of Ender, Hubby and I can sit side by side working on our laptops (he's in IT and has geek stuff to do most nights).
Ender is also banned from the internet which means i'm not distracted by email or facebook. It's with Ender's help I've managed 5000 words already off the 44k I've aimed to do in June. I'm hoping the trend continues!


  1. I love that you've named it. I've got a little tiny one that I use to read stuff on and do a bit of mobile writing. I think mine needs a name too! Shall have to think...

  2. That's the trick. Ban Ender from the internet!

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  4. Becca, Thanks for introducing me to Ender. He sounds like a good guy. And if you can keep him off the internet, so much the better. I think Charley's internal wireless card may spell trouble, but he's been on task much more the past couple of days. So maybe he just needed to get it out of his system!

    Maturity, even for laptops, is a good thing!

  5. I love the idea of naming your laptop. I'll find to find a name without the letter l!

    I'm not sure how he would feel about being banned from the internet, but I'm loving that idea :-)