Monday, June 15, 2009

Words, Spiders and Sick Kids

I've been plugging away at the June challenge and despite having a day last week where 82 words was my only achievement i'm at 19708 for the challenge - only about 1k behind.

I'm not sure about the quality alas, but that surely can be helped in the edits. Am finding i picked a good story to try this with. Lucas and Gemma want to share their story with the world it seems. I've not been stuck too badly yet and i have ideas for the next scenes.

I had lots of distractions yesterday.

I have three sick kids (pretty sure it's not swine flu) and Princess nearly-Four is a puddle of woe wanting Mummy. She NEVER wants Mummy.

Then hubby casually mentioned there's a massive spider living somewhere in the car. Am I alone in being deathly afraid of spiders? The thing is, it was living on our gates and hubby refused to evict him from the property cos he wasn't harming anyone. (!)

AND he is still on the car cos hubby tried to 'shepherd' him away in peace. Not hero behaviour.

This is not time for peaceful negotiations!

So hubby is in the bad books and has been told it is time to find the spider and remove it. It's his 'save the cat' moment.

How i hope he comes through...


  1. I think you're doing fantastically, Becca. Especially with sick kids. I have a Princess Nearly-Four too and she's been slowly morphing into the devil incarnate with another ear infection. I feel your pain!
    And spiders, well, I think your hubby needs to have an alpha male moment and get rid of it. It's save the cat, not save the spider, right? :-)


  3. He needs a hoover with a long attachment and that spider will be history. I think you need to ban him from the house until the job is done!

    Great progress on the writing :-)

  4. Ah Becca you make me laugh! Now's probably not the time to tell you this story but in Australia we get some lovely big spiders and I remember being in a car when there was one as big as your hand spread on the window. The driver completely freaked out but had to keep going until they could pull over. Luckily it was on the outside of the car, but really does a piece of glass between you and something with legs that hairy really make you feel any better?

    I love that your little girl wants mummy when she usually doesn't, she really mustn't like being sick.

    Hugs to you for being supermum here's your medal!

  5. Thanks ladies.
    My fear is so irrational, it's a huntsman (apparently) and i know it probably won't eat me but logic and emotion are two different things.

    Lacey, I am here in Sth Aus and it's legs are VERY hairy...

  6. Oh, please don't kill the spider. I was brought up by a superstitious mother who believed it would rain. Believe me I know it's ridiculous but I can't shake it. Besides imagine if we killed all the spiders. Imagine the flies!

    Hope the children are better and hubby brings home flowers and promises to do the house work. Oh wait, that's my dream too.